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Borrow, Print, Copy, Fax & Scan

All items in the library may be checked out for a period of three (3) weeks
DVDs – loan period of one (1) week, with a maximum of 10 movies per check out and 2 new movies per check out
Museum Passes – loan period of three (3) days
Reference Material – may not be taken out of library; for in-library use only

Fines and Overdues:

Books $0.10
Audiobooks/CDs $0.10
Magazines $0.10
DVDs $0.50

The maximum fine that can accrue is $10.00 per item.
Adults will be notified when a fine exceeds $3.00.
Children will be notified when a fine exceeds $1.00.

Lost or Damaged Material :

If an item is damaged or lost, the full retail price will be charged to the borrower’s account, plus a $5.00 processing fee. The full retail price may be waived if the item in question is replaced for the library; however, the processing fee of $5.00 cannot be waived.


Fax $1.00 for the first page, $0.50 for every page after
Computer Print $0.10 per
Black & White page/ $0.25 per
Color page Copy $0.10 per page copied

Scanning FREE

**Coming Soon!!

Self Checkout Machine: enjoy contactless check outs from the library. 
Self Serve Faxing and Scanning Services: protect your privacy by faxing and scanning your own documents 

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Inter Library Loan Request

If a certain item is not in our library, or within the PALS Plus catalog:, we provide an Inter-Library Loan (ILL) service through JerseyCat. With this service, we request the book from a library outside of our consortium. It is up to the owning library to determine if they will lend the item to our library. The owning library will also determine the amount of time allotted, and renewals allowed, for check out. Please call us at 973-227-3575 or contact us on the button below to place an Inter-Library Loan. NOTE: Owning library reserves the right to deny renewal.

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Library Card

Fairfield Residents:

Fairfield Residents:

In order to apply for a free library card, residents are required to show proof that they live in town. Each card expires after three (3) years, but may be renewed with valid proof of address. Your library card can be used a the Fairfield Free Public Library, as well as any of the PALS Plus consortium libraries. If you are in good standing, you can also receive an Open Borrowing sticker for your card, which allows you to borrow in participating Middlesex, Morris, Sussex, and Warren county libraries. Additionally, as an Essex County library card holder, you can participate in ReBL (Reciprocal Essex Borrowing Libraries). This sticker, which is issued for the calendar year, entitles the cardholder to borrow materials from participating libraries., Get a ReBL sticker for your library card at our circulation desk. ReBL stickers must be renewed annually, and they are free of charge for Fairfield residents.

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North Caldwell and Essex Fells Residents:

As of July 1, 2017, residents of these two townships are allowed to register for a library card for a period of one (1) year for a fee of $100. This card can only be used at Fairfield Free Public Library. Additional ReBL membership fees are $150.

Essex Fells Library Reimbursement Request – 50% of fee
North Caldwell Library Reimbursement Request – 50% of fee . Click here for the REIMBURSEMENT FORM.

Business Courtesy Card Patrons:

Those who work in Fairfield Township are eligible to register for a period of one (1) year without charge, pending verification of employment. This card can only be used at Fairfield Free Public Library. At the end of the one (1) year period, each business patron will once again be asked to show current proof of both work and home addresses and phone numbers.

ReBL Sticker: Fairfield residents, with no outstanding fines from any other library, may be eligible to receive a Reciprocal Essex Borrowing Libraries (ReBL) sticker free of charge. This sticker, which is issued for the calendar year, entitles the cardholder to borrow materials from participating libraries. Persons who do not live or work in Fairfield, but who do live in other towns in Essex County, may obtain a ReBL sticker and a Fairfield card for a fee of $250.00 ($100.00 for a Fairfield card and $150.00 for the ReBL sticker). In this situation, the ReBL sticker cannot be purchased without also purchasing a Fairfield card. The rules and regulations of the Fairfield Free Public Library, ALA, and the New Jersey State Library for borrowing and circulation also apply.

A fee of $2.00 will be charged for the replacement of a lost or damaged library card.

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