Library Cards

Residents: In order to apply for a free library card, residents are required to show proof that they live in town. Each card expires after one (1) year, but may be renewed with valid proof of address.

Non-Residents: Non-residents are allowed to register for a library card for a period of one (1) year for a fee of $40.

Business patrons: (those who work in Fairfield) are eligible to register for a period of one (1) year without charge, pending verification of employment. At the end of the one (1) year period, each business patron will once again be asked to show current proof of both his work and home addresses and phone numbers.

Courtesy Cards: Any person who presents proof that he/she is 65 years of age or older may register without charge, for a three (3) year period.

*ReBL Cards: Fairfield residents age 18 or older, with no outstanding fines from any other library, may be eligible to receive a Reciprocal Borrowing & Lending (ReBL) card free of charge. This card, which is issued for the calendar year, entitles the cardholder to borrow materials from participating libraries. Business patrons (those who work in Fairfield) may obtain a ReBL card for a fee of $60.00. Persons who do not live or work in Fairfield, but who do live in other towns in Essex County, may obtain a ReBL card and a Fairfield card for a fee of $100.00 ($40.00 for a Fairfield card and $60.00 for the ReBL card). In this situation, the ReBL card cannot be purchased without also purchasing a Fairfield card. The rules and regulations of the Fairfield Free Public Library, ALA, and the New Jersey State Library for borrowing and circulation also apply.

UPDATE to ReBL Policy

Beginning January 1, 2007, the green paper ReBL card with no longer be used, When a patron from our library request a ReBL card you will affix the ReBL expiration sticker for the current year to the front of the patron’s Fairfield library card. You will then confuct all of the other registration procedures that are necessary for our records. This includes writing the patron’s library card/bar code number on the white ReBL file card. ReBL patrons from other libraries must present their own library card from their own home library. The card must have a valid ReBL sticker, either on the front or on the back. A fee of $2.00 will be charged for the replacement of a lost or damaged library card.